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□Nm:Sallie Jacob Desc(Eng) Desc(List)
Fa:Harrison Jacob(b: - d:)
Mo:Tabitha Morris(-)
MARRLevi Carter Axton(1791-1848) 37589
BIRT10-Apr-1801Sallie Jacob(1801-) Kentucky6001 37590
CHIL12-Mar-1823Olive G. Axton(1823-) -31783
CHIL       1827William Axton(1827-1885) -31783
CHIL11-Apr-1829James Taylor (J.T.) Axton(1829-) -31783
CHILabt 1831John J. Axton(1831-1885) -31783
CHIL19-May-1834Benjamin Morris Axton(1834-1853) -31783
CHILabt 1837Mary E. Axton(1837-) -31783
CHIL06-Jan-1838Lucy Catherine Axton(1838-) -31783
CHIL20-Apr-1840Isaac Harrison Axton(1840-1900) -31783
CHIL09-Jun-1845Levi Marion Axton(1845-) Posey County, IN4712 -31783