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□Nm:Irma Jacob Desc(Eng) Desc(List)
BIRT12-Aug-1901Irma Jacob(1901-1988) 46382
MARR12-Aug-1928Bryan Barnett(1896-1963) Carpenter, Copiah, MS12899 3402
CHIL03-Jun-1929Irma Josephine Jacob Barnett(1929-2000) -28796
CHIL21-Nov-1933Marcus Earl Barnett(1933-2016) Standing Pine, Leake, MS6961 -28796
DEAT03-Jun-1988Irma Jacob(1901-1988) 46383
BURIIrma Jacob(1901-1988) Barnett Memorial Garden, Near Madden, Leake, MS5968 Findagrave 127049318 46384