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□Nm:Albert E "Jack" Cleveland, Jr Desc(Eng) Desc(List)
Fa:Albert Eugene Cleveland(b:23-Oct-1886 - d:04-Nov-1969)
Mo:Sallie Hulsey(1887-1943)
BIRT09-Oct-1916Albert E "Jack" Cleveland, Jr(1916-2003) Georgia4820 63547
DEAT26-Feb-2003Albert E "Jack" Cleveland, Jr(1916-2003) North Carolina40 63548
BURIAlbert E "Jack" Cleveland, Jr(1916-2003) Shepherd Memorial Park, Naples, Henderson, NC12225 Findagrave 101772239 62319
MARRDorothy Evelyn "Dot" Thompson(1916-1979) 63550

Mary Elizabeth Cleveland(b:16-Aug-1924 - d:19-Nov-2012)
Albert E "Jack" Cleveland(b: - d:)