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□Nm:Floyd Monroe Stamper, Jr Desc(Eng) Desc(List)
Fa:Floyd Monroe Stamper, Sr(b:09-Sep-1883 - d:10-Jun-1957)
Mo:Bertha E. Henton(1885-1971)
BIRT10-Nov-1920Floyd Monroe Stamper, Jr(1920-1990) 66536
CHIL06-Nov-1961Floyce Annette Stamper(1961-1961) -35166
DEAT18-May-1990Floyd Monroe Stamper, Jr(1920-1990) 66537
BURIFloyd Monroe Stamper, Jr(1920-1990) Fellowship-New Hope Cemetery, Stratton, Newton, MS12124 Findagrave 111607119 66135
MARRHughla Nannette McNair(1930-2005) 66539

Sara Evelyn Stamper(b:17-Jan-1906 - d:09-Mar-1936)
Jessie Merlene Stamper(b:28-Nov-1916 - d:11-Jan-1988)
Marzell Stamper(b:22-Nov-1922 - d:19-Jun-1994)