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□Nm:John Mason Holley, Jr Desc(Eng) Desc(List)
Fa:John Mason Holley, Sr(b:02-Jan-1900 - d:09-Oct-1943)
Mo:Ethel Ellen Hodges(1908-1950)
BIRT29-Oct-1926John Mason Holley, Jr(1926-2005) Texas4865 67720
DEAT16-Jun-2005John Mason Holley, Jr(1926-2005) Baytown, Harris, TX156 67721
BURIJohn Mason Holley, Jr(1926-2005) Liberty Community Cemetery, Milano, Milam, TX12709 Findagrave 16867041 67532

Infant Daughter Holley(b:18-Nov-1929 - d:18-Nov-1929)