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□Nm:Effie Mae Smith Desc(Eng) Desc(List)
Fa:Allen Smith(b:07-Jul-1890 - d:15-Jan-1934)
Mo:Ada Catherine Smith(1893-1963)
BIRT18-Aug-1913Effie Mae Smith(1913-1988) 68766
DEAT27-Nov-1988Effie Mae Smith(1913-1988) 68767
BURIEffie Mae Smith(1913-1988) Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery, Loyd Star, Lincoln, MS12748 Findagrave 46252487 68126
MARRJohn Melvin Case, Jr(-) 68769
CHILLee Ruie Case(-) -35303
CHILJohn Royce Case(-) -35303

Rosa P. Smith(b:14-Jul-1911 - d:24-Nov-1987)
Edgar Lee Smith(b:08-Jul-1916 - d:18-Apr-2003)
Bernice Smith(b:08-Feb-1919 - d:12-Jan-1999)
Mildred Smith(b:12-Aug-1921 - d:26-Jan-1998)
Edith Smith(b:09-Dec-1923 - d:05-Aug-2006)
Ethel McMillan(b:02-Jan-1926 - d:22-Mar-2010)
James Edmond Smith(b:19-Mar-1928 - d:26-Jan-1985)
Elaine Smith(b:03-Jul-1930 - d:26-Apr-2000)
Elmer "Hawk" Smith(b:03-Jul-1930 - d:24-Jul-2012)