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□Nm:Elizabeth Pottle Desc(Eng) Desc(List)
Fa:Joshua Pottle(b: - d:)
MARRJeremiah Hilliard(-) 32403
MARRSimon Jeffries(-) Of, Bertie, NC4273 32400
BIRTabt 1676/77Elizabeth Pottle(1677-1742) North Carolina40 32401
CHIL       1717/18Elizabeth Jeffries(1718-1742) Isle of Wight County, VA4239 -30782
DEAT       1741/42Elizabeth Pottle(1677-1742) Northampton, NC4274 32402
CHILOsborne Jeffries(-) -30782
CHILJeremiah Hilliard, Jr.(-) -30842
CHILRobert Hilliard(-) -30842
CHILWilliam Hilliard(-) -30842
CHILJohn Hilliard(-) -30842