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□Nm:Tilman (Til) Watson McCarty Desc(Eng) Desc(List)
Fa:Judge Philip Michael McCarty(b:21-Jul-1791 - d:16-Jun-1879)
Mo:Mahala Boddie(1795-1831)
NOTETilman (Til) Watson McCarty(1824-1893)
Lived in Neshoba County, MS. All children born there. 4045
NOTE20-Jan-____Tilman (Til) Watson McCarty(1824-1893)
Willie McCarty son of T.W. and Sarah Jane McCarty was married 20 Jan ___ 1041
BIRT07-Nov-1824Tilman (Til) Watson McCarty(1824-1893) Edgefield County, SC367
Tombstone has date of November 6, 1823.
I originally had him born in Edgefield, GA but 1860 Census says SC

Venie's death certificate says Tillman McCarty, SC, informant Nick.

Findagrave has Edgefield SC 281
CHIL31-Aug-1838Martha McCarty(1838-1894) Dale County, AL7818
Tombstone says 1838 which is also the date Ellis has -28387
MARR29-Jan-1845Jane Loveless(1831-1892) Barbour County, AL4033
I had the 21st, but an index card online
shows the 29th, and that the marriage was performed by Jesse Tomlin, MG

It further states that the original is on file at Clayton, AL

And the original supports this date. 2798


CHIL01-Sep-1846Elizabeth Ann McCarty(1846-1867) Dale County, AL7818
1860 Census says she was 10 (1850), 1850 Census says she was 3 (1847) -28387
CHIL05-May-1850James (Jim) McCarty(1850-1900) Dale County, AL7818
1860 Census says he was 15 - 1845. 1850 Census says 1 month - October 1850 -28387
CENS15-Nov-1850Tilman W. McCarty(1824-1893) Dale County, AL7818
p. 193
387/387 Tilman W. McCarty 26 M Farmer S. Carolina
Sarah J. 19 F Geo
Eliza A. 3 F Ala
Martha F. 2 F Ala
James 1/12 M Ala
CHIL25-Jan-1852Thomas M. McCarty(1852-1862) Alabama338
1860 Census says he was 8. Unadoc also agrees with this date. -28387
CHIL       1853Eliza McCarty(1853-) Alabama338
Based on the names from the 1860 Census -28387
CHIL21-May-1854Nancy Ann Alvenia (Venie) McCarty(1854-1928) Alabama338
Death Certificate gives name as Nancy Ann Alvenia Parkes, 21-may-1854, in Alabama.

I previously had 24-may-1854 from the bible record (which I only have a transcription of), but since the death certificate shows 21 and unadoc also shows 21, I am changing to that. -28387
CHIL27-Feb-1856William? Michael McCarty(1856-1938) Dale County, AL7818
Unadoc gives place and date. Has first name as W

Findagrave says he was born in Mobile County. -28387
CHIL01-Jan-1860Dr. William Dawson McCarty(1860-1925) Fannin, Rankin, MS50
1860 Census (Leake County) SAYS HIS NAME IS HENRY H. 6/12 which would have been March. -28387
CENS08-Sep-1860T. W. McCarty(1824-1893) Carthage, Leake, MS6928
p. 146
466/466 T. W. McCarty 35 M Farmer SC
Jane 35 F Ala
James 15 M Ala
Elizabeth 10 F Ala
Thomas 8 M Ala
Eliza 7 F Ala
p. 147
Laviena 5 F Ala
Michael 3 M Ala
Henry 6/12 M Miss
NOTEbet 1861 and 1865Tilman (Til) Watson McCarty(1824-1893)
Tillman was a 1st Seargeant in the 33rd Mississippi - Company A (Laurel Hill) referred to as the Cumberland Guards. According to this website (information provided by Sid Bondurant), Tillman was seperated from the company at the Battle of Champion Hill and ended up in Vicksburg while the regiment went to Jackson. He surrendered in Vicksburg and went home. When he was exchanged he went back to the regiment which was by then in Atlanta. Colonel Drake accused him of desertion and busted him to private. Two days later, he really DID desert and walked home to Mississippi. Forty percent of the regiment became casualties a few days later at the Battle of Peach Tree Creek. 40907
NOTE15-Mar-1862T. W. McCarty(1824-1893) Neshoba County, MS645
Tilman W McCarty was inducted into Company A of the 33rd Mississippi Regiment by Captain Booth for a period of 3 years.
NOTE   Nov-1862T. W. MCarty(1824-1893)
He is listed present in the November and December 1862 company muster roll. He was paid at the hospital on November 1, 1862 by McGuire.
NOTE31-Dec-1862T. W. McCarty(1824-1893) Jackson, Hinds, MS3995
He is listed absent in the January and February 1863 company muster roll. That roll also notes that he was promoted to Seargeant on January 31 at Jackson. 40910
NOTE28-Feb-1863T. W. McCarty(1824-1893)
He was listed as present in the company muster roll for March and April 1863 and was paid by Capt Strauss. 40941
NOTE30-Apr-1863T. W. McCarty(1824-1893)
He was listed absent with leave on the company muster roll of May and June 1863 and was last paid on 30-Apr by Capt Strauss 40942
NOTE04-Jul-1863T. W. McCarty(1824-1893)
He is listed as absent on the July and August 1863 company muster roll. It also notes that he was Parolled on July 4. 40943
NOTE06-Jul-1863T. W. MCarty(1824-1893) Vicksburg, Warren, MS7715
ALSO NOTE - in BOTH places he signed his name on this form, he signed the last name MCarty - NOT McCarty.

Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 6 1863.

To all whom it may concern know yet that:

I, T W MCarty, a 1 Sergt of Co A 33 Regt Miss Vols. C. S. A., being a Prisoner of War, in the hands of the United States Forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its garrison, by Lieut Gen. John C. Pemberton, C. S. A., Commanding, on the 4th day of July, 1863, do in pursuance of the terms of said capitulation, give this my solemn parole under oath -

That I will not take up arms again against the United States, nor serve in any military police, or constabulary force in any Fort, Garrison or field work, held by the Confederate States of America, against the United States of America, no as guard of prisons, depots or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by Officers or soldiers, against the United States of America, until duly exchanged by the proper authorities.

(s) T W MCarty, Sergt

Sworn to and subscribed before me at Vicksburg, Miss, this 6th day of July 1863.

(s) Attest C. A. Caltier Captain Regt Ills Inftry

and Parolling Officer

W M E Randle Capt
56th Ala Regt 40950
NOTE10-Jul-1863T. W. McCarty(1824-1893) Vicksburg, Warren, MS7715
He appears on the roll as captured July 4, 1863 in Vicksburg, MS as a member of Bt Co A 33 Regt Miss Inf and paroled at Vicksburg, Miss according to the terms of capitulation entered into by the commanding Generals of the United States and Confederate forces July 4, 1863. 40949
NOTE   Sep-1863T. W. McCarty(1824-1893)
He is listed as absent (parolled July 4) on the September October company muster roll. 40944
NOTE   Nov-1863T. W. McCarty(1824-1893)
He was listed as absent (paroll) on the November / December 1863 company muster roll. 40945
NOTE   Mar-1864Tilman W. McCarty(1824-1893)
He is listed as "Deserter. Absent parolled since July 4, 1863. Enlisted in Skull's Cavalry Co. State service org?" on the March and April 1864 company muster roll. 40946
NOTE   Jul-1864Tilman W. McCarty(1824-1893)
He is listed as a private on the July and August 1864 company muster roll as absent without leave. 40947
NOTE28-Feb-1865Tilman W. McCarty(1824-1893)
On the company muster roll between Aug 31 1864 and Feb 28 1865 he is listed as absent without leave since April 1864. 40948
NOTE       1870Tilman (Til) Watson McCarty(1824-1893) Scott County, MS4850 4047
CENS24-Jun-1870T. W. McCarty(1824-1893) Damascus, Scott, MS10759
Beat No 3
26 26 McCarty T W 45 M W Clerk in Store 2256 SC
              S J 39 F W Keeping House       GA
              G W 20 M W Student             AL
              A V 16 F W Student             AL
          Michael 14 M W Student             AL
            Willy 10 M W Student             MS

CENS14-Jun-1880T. W. McCarty(1824-1893) Beat 5, Leake, MS7309
284 314 McCarty T W    W M 55 married Merchant   SC SC SC
                Sarah  W F 48 wife keeping house AL SC SC
                Willie W M 20 son                MS SC AL
        Henderson Malissa W F 37

DEAT24-Oct-1893Tilman (Til) Watson McCarty(1824-1893)
Bible record in possession of Gertie Parkes gives us date and gives us middle name. 282
BURIT. W. MCarty(1824-1893) Fannin United Methodist Church Cemetery, Fannin, Rankin, MS46 Findagrave 29793758
There is no death. The Stars go down to rise upson fairer shore & Bright is heaves jeweled crown. They shine forevermore.


Unadoc says he is buried in forest 283


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M. F. McCarty(b:31-Aug-1848 - d:1892)
W. A. McCarty(b:21-May-1854 - d:)